James, by Mark.

James is my longest standing friend, we met at school. A maths teacher with a gorgeous French wife, and two amazing boys, adding to his grey hairs and list of things he can moan about. A reluctant runner, he has a penchant for cycling and the Tour de France. As long as I have known James, he has always got a scheme cooking. A new business venture, a hobby, or a quest, but these very rarely actually manifest in tangible outcomes. His house has a few homemade woodwork boxes scattered about, unfinished DIY, but the atmosphere of a loving family home.

Mark, by James

I've known Mark for nearly 30 years now. Throughout that time he has never been anything less than an obsessive control freak. A robot you could say - it's no surprise to me or anyone that knows him that he's still single at 41. Why we get on so well and have remained firm friends is something of a mystery - he's always 10 minutes early. At least. I'm always 10 minutes late. At least. He is not someone who will start something and then ditch it a few months later. He will see it through. And probably keep going until he's become world standard, elite level. I mean I can't think of anything he's actually world standard elite level at but you get my point. He is ultra dependable, ultra fit and he knows his shit when it comes to outdoors and that. 

Introducing, new to Notinside, George

27 years young and desperately trying to get the work life balance in order. Grown up in, and still spending the majority of my time in and around Devon, my current base is a self converted removals van called Vanessa. The best description of myself is maybe Jack of All Trades Master of None, but I'll have a half decent crack at nearly anything unless it involves a games consoles, with my main passions being surfing, skiing and travelling. I love to preach that I eat healthily, train hard and take everything seriously, but usually just go for the 'wing it' approach and see what happens!